VICTRESS® is a globally trademarked Australian Clothing, Sportswear & Lifestyle brand. Since its inception in 2016, we have sourced the best materials and worked with ethically minded and socially responsible companies to produce the highest quality garments and goods. We have trademarked the VICTRESS® brand around the world in order to maintain and protect the brand name, and the high standards it upholds. 

Stay tuned, books, stationery, bags and more exciting things to come.

As women around the world continue to be underpaid, sidelined, and depicted predominantly for their looks (we already know all women are gorgeous) instead of their abilities, achievements and capabilities, we decided to create a brand that changes that. VICTRESS is here to break stereotypes, empower women and to level the playing field, both on and off the court.

VICTRESS® isn’t always the one who wins or scores the most goals, or has the most fans or even earns the most money. To be a VICTRESS® requires something far deeper and more powerful, something that takes a great deal more character, discipline and strength to achieve. A true VICTRESS® is courageous, kind and humble, but above all else, she lifts others to rise and succeed also, and in doing so, levels the playing field for all. 

Women around the world are rising, they are pushing for leadership roles, they are owning their space and making sure their voices are being heard. Women continue to achieve and contribute at the highest level in sport, academia and in social causes, yet there is still much work to do until we receive equal pay, equal recognition, equal rights and protection from violence. May all women born into this world be victorious in their life path. VICTRESS®- LONG MAY SHE REIGN.


To ensure you receive authentic VICTRESS® products, purchase your goods from victress.com.au. Goods will not be available via any other means unless otherwise advertised on our website and on social media. Facebook and on Instagram