VICTRESS® is a globally trademarked Australian Clothing, Sportswear & Lifestyle brand for female champions worldwide. High performance, ethically and sustainably made premium activewear & goods, produced with a strong social conscience. Empowering women around the world and funding food banks and charities supporting the disadvantaged.

As women around the world continue to be underpaid, sidelined, and depicted predominantly for their looks (we already know all women are gorgeous) instead of their abilities, achievements and capabilities, we decided to create a brand that changes that.

VICTRESS® is here to break stereotypes, empower women and to level the playing field, both on and off the court. VICTRESS®- Long May She Reign.

Since the brand's inception in 2016, we have sourced the best materials and worked with ethically minded and socially responsible companies to produce the highest quality garments. We have trademarked the VICTRESS® brand around the world to maintain and protect the brand name, and the high standards it upholds.

VICTRESS® makes a strong commitment towards reducing waste, protecting the environment, and producing our clothing and goods as sustainably as possible. See our social responsibility page for more information.


Authentic VICTRESS® products can only be purchased through this website - victress.com.au. Goods will not be available via any other means unless otherwise advertised on our website and on social media. Facebook and on Instagram